Welcome to Abexa

We are an interdisciplinary team specialized in integrating Investment Banking and Business Mentoring. We are passionate about the challenge of co-creating with our clients through our comprehensive approach, which contributes to the unleashing of the full potential of both the company and its members.
With this in mind we analyze the company’s development process from a systemic viewpoint where we include the various dimensions of the business and the people involved. We combine specific methodologies and practices to create a process of challenging, intuitive search and empathy, while developing a long-term relationship as strategic partners.
We build on the experience gained with our client-partners for over two decades and bring forward sustainable solutions. Our flexible service structure is customized and serves as support in the processes of implementing and analyzing results.


For over 20 years we have been providing tailor-made professional services

  • based on our sound and dynamic training..

  • contributing our knowledge of global business strategy.

  • meeting the needs of our clients with a flexible cost structure

We have broad experience in the analysis and development of organizations within the Southern Cone of LatAm, and in managing the connections between their potential and the global projection of their businesses.

Blend of Services

We provide a systemic approach to the needs and opportunities of our clients to design a specific agenda for each case. We develop a special blend of services and propose a suitable relationship, which is flexible but also efficient and sustainable.
The most frequently required services are:

People oriented:

  • Change Management
  • Support to company’s leader
  • Group and ono-on-one coaching for the management team to deal with uncertainty
  • Participation in the Board of Advisors
  • Support in settling disputes between partners and collaborators
  • Guidance to facilitate communication between teams
  • Management of cooperation ties with different stakeholders of business chambers

Business oriented:

  • Comprehensive diagnosis of the company
  • Valuation of tangible and intangible assets
  • Search and incorporation of a Strategic Partner
  • Reformulation or Intervention Plan
  • Preparation of the Company for a Global Expansion
  • Assistance in the negotiation of Purchase-Sale of the stock package
  • Offering Memorandum for Investors
  • Recapitalization and Reorganization Plans


Founder and Partner

For over two decades Gustavo Blanco has led Abexa’s growth and development. After an extensive corporate career, he decided to form an interdisciplinary team of collaborators to provide his clients with a strategic perspective and the experience he had gained in business management.

Abexa's innovative feature is focused on contributing to the development of client-partners, and facilitating tools for detecting opportunities and sustainable management. We do this by building proactive relationships between regional and global business interests and resources.
His personal development and training as Ontological and Executive Coach at Newfield Network Chile promoted the systemic perspective that Abexa currently embodies in Business Mentoring.

Abexa provides a mix of differentiated services for business integration, which include aspects of human and interpersonal relationships within organizations.