About Us


Founded in 2000, Abexa offers professional services through a team of specialists who provide their technical training and practical expertise, developed on leading companies in Argentina and elsewhere in the region.


Abexa is a company that believes in and identifies with cost-effectiveness, and, consequently, has a flexible structure that adapts to every client’s needs.


Abexa is a leading services company dedicated to the articulation of medium-sized businesses in Latin America, aiming at the creation, development, implementation and operation of customized solution for its clients.



We diligently look after the confidentiality of out clients, aiming to maximize the value of the operations and attain the best negotiation terms.


Abexa seeks the solution that provides the best answer to its clients’ needs.

First-rate Service

Abexa guarantees that the entire process is carried out and controlled by outstanding professionals.

First-class Documentation

Abexa presents documentation with quality standards suited to the style of high institutional investors.

List of Services

  • Business diagnoses
  • Business reorganozation
  • Business audit
  • Valuation
  • Feasibility analysis
  • Collaboration in settlements of conflict between partners
  • Offering Memorandum
  • Assistance in the drafting if shareholder agreements
  • Valuation of tangible and intangible assets
  • Recapitalization and reorganization plans
  • Assistance in share block buy-sell negotiation
  • Assessment in initial public offerings

-Reformulation of companies, where Abexa collaborates with the management of the company in the elaboration of a reformulation plan that covers all aspects of the company, from the analysis of the current situation, diagnosis and the proposal of an action plan that Aims to adapt the company to the particular reality of each market.

– Debt Structure, loan mandate and price negotiation; Investments related to public or private debt, including the package of conditions for the structuring of transactions and the necessary documentation.

Abexa seeks to know and understand the customer’s need in depth to help him analyze new opportunities, make a business plan about an existing or future business, redefine it or identify what type of help is best suited to continue.

This is done through the immersion of professionals in the companies, so as to implement together with the client the necessary changes for the creation of value


When a company has a vocation for growth, it needs to seek capital.

A company that wants to grow not only wants capital, but capital more intelligence, the so-called smart money.

Abexa performs a search of partners with specific knowledge of the client’s needs based on a diagnosis made by its analysts.


Abexa evaluates the borrowing capacity of its clients and, based on this, implements a financing plan to adapt it to the best capital / debt equation, trying to balance the total financial cost, maturity periods and guarantees, depending on each particular case.

From a broad understanding of the business and the needs of the clients, Abexa assists them in the search of investors in the local and international market; In the design and implementation of the capital structure more favorable to its profile and financial situation.


The merging of two or more businesses that decide to unify their assets and form a new company for the purpose of becoming consolidated in the market and optimizing costs.


An aquisition is when a business purchases the control share block of another company, without merging their assets.

Investment Banking

Abexa intervenes in the process of search and placement of capital, in the financing of investment, production and construction projects; Participates in the financing of operations in the capital market and carries out the business diagnosis (viability), organizing the search process of potential buyers, advising the investor in the creation of new companies.